This Knowledge Management workshop is being proposed for the Corporate Executives from across a broad spectrum of industries from Mauritius coming from all domains including Marketing, HR, Finance, Production etc.

The workshop aims to familiarize the participants with an overview of the basic facts and issues involved in Knowledge Management, its Scope, Approaches and Knowledge Acquisition Processes and Practices to be adopted at the corporate and department levels and also useful for the industry as well.

Objectives of the Workshop

The broad objectives of the programme would be as under:

  • To familiarize with and sensitize the participants to pursue Knowledge Management Practices

  • To help the participants to undertake the Relevance of Knowledge Benchmarking and enable to adopt the same in their departments/corporate

  • To help the delegates to Learn and Practice Knowledge Mapping

  • To facilitate the understanding and enable the participants to carry on and sustain Knowledge Management Processes at Department and Corporate Level

  • To elucidate and enlighten as well as to enable the participants to transform their Organization into Knowledge Organization